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Reliable Electrical Repairs

Commercial Wiring

Whether your commercial space houses offices, hotel rooms, businesses, or something else, wiring problems can completely disrupt the workflow. Time is money and time without lights, computers, or other equipment is money lost.

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Install, Diagnose, Repair

The contractors of Deary Electric & Renovations LLC will install or replace the wiring in your space efficiently, quickly, and on-schedule. We know commercial wiring inside and out and have the skills, knowledge, and experience to do the job right the first time. When your Putnam, CT business hires us, you know your wiring will be up-to-code and reliable.

Having difficulties with your wiring? Does your circuit breaker trip too frequently? Do the lights flicker? Do you ever see sparks when you plug in your office equipment? Are the outlets hot? These are all indications of an electrical problem. Make an appointment and one of our electricians will come to your site to diagnose the cause of the issues you are having.

Once diagnosed, the electrician will repair your electrical system to get your lights back on and your equipment running. We know that you rely on electricity to run your business and we will complete your job correctly the first time!

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to ensure the electric in your commercial space is operating properly!

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